How to Deal with Conflict?

There are many responses to conflict including:

  • Talking about it
  • Physical violence
  • Ignoring the problem
  • Forcing a resolution
  • Arguing
  • Insults.

The problem with most of these responses is that the outcome generally isn’t one that both parties will be happy with.

Conflict resolution is a series of steps which can be used in a relationship to enable both partners to find a mutually acceptable solution to conflict and to restore good terms. It does not focus on blame but looks for agreement that something has gone wrong and develops a way forward. It usually involves a mediator who is able to see both sides, ask questions and intervene if necessary.

These are the steps that we can work through with you both:

  • Identify positions (what are each of you really saying)
  • Learn more about the true needs and desires of each partner
  • Ask clarifying questions for more information
  • Brainstorm possible solutions
  • Discuss how each solution would affect each of you and figure out possible compromises
  • Agree upon a solution
  • Implement solutions
  • Re-evaluate solutions, if necessary

What Now?

So to get started, take the first step. Call me now and make conflict a matter of choice for you.

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