How to Relate from the Heart Instead of the Mind?

In relationships I have found it very healing to guide individuals to find a balance between their mind and their heart. When they relate from this space, their relationships flourish and with some simple exercises they begin to experience more of their intuitive being. Osho talks poetically about this wonderful inner journey.

“Change your inclination from the mind to the heart. That is the first change. Think less, feel more. Intellectualize less, intuit more. Thinking is a very deceptive process, it makes you feel you are doing great things. But you are simply making castles in the air. Thoughts are nothing but castles in the air… Thinking about love is not going to help, but feeling love is bound to change you. Thinking is very much beloved by the ego, because the ego feeds on fictions… Change from the mind to the heart, from thinking to feeling, from logic to love.

And the second change is from the heart to the being – because there is a still deeper layer in you where even feelings cannot reach. Remember these three words – mind, heart, being. Remember these three words: mind, heart, being. The being is your true nature…Thinking is far away from being but feeling is a little closer; it reflects some of the glory of being. It is just as in the sunset the sun is reflected by the clouds and the clouds start having beautiful colors. They themselves are not the sun, but they are reflecting the light of the sun.

But one has to go beyond feelings too… Feeling is half, and no half can ever satisfy you. Thinking and feeling are both halves and you will remain divided. Being is total, and only the total can bring contentment.

From The Book of Wisdom : Discourses on Atisha`s Seven Points of Mind Training, by Osho Used by kind permission of Osho Foundation International

What Now?

I love supporting people to make this journey from head to heart. To see their faces transform from stress, tiredness, confusion and fear on the first day to relaxed, calm, accepting and aliveness after a few sessions is a joy to my heart. Call me so we can get started now.

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