Discover 3 things you must do to save your relationship


Take the first step to bring about change by identifying and acknowledging what is not working.  It takes real honesty and courage to look at and express clearly how you feel.


Accept that you are part of the problem rather than blaming or trying to control your partner.  This can release powerful new possibilities and energy that brings real change rather than just managing or manipulating situations and issues.


Accept that if you cannot find the solution to your relationship problems from within yourselves, you need a new perspective, deeper understanding and the skills to clear the destructive dynamics and build the healthy, loving and sustainable relationship you long for.

There’s No Such Thing as a Perfect Relationship

In any relationship, there are always misunderstandings, misgivings and disagreements.

But when small disagreements regularly turn into full blown arguments, annoyance into irritation that really gets under your skin, and the frustration into anger… then you’re in trouble.

Your relationship can totally unravel, until one day you wake up to find your once-blissful relationship shattered and the love of your life no longer wants to have anything to do with you.

Professional Counselling can help heal a strained relationship.

Ross Thompson

Ross Thompson, Relationship Counsellor

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Get Expert Guidance & Support

As a professional Relationship Counsellor with over 20 years experience helping countless couples in trouble I can offer you immediate help to begin understanding why you’re going through such a difficult and painful time and the next steps you must take to save your relationship.

I can help you make your relationship whole & happy again.

John Saunders

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Losing Someone You Really Love is Devastating

So don’t let it happen to you…

  1. Learn how to stop arguing over trivial matters
  2. Stop blaming and feeling constantly angry or overwhelmed
  3. Reignite the spark and make your relationship happy and loving again

…with professional support from someone who has seen it all.

I have helped hundreds of couples turn their failing relationship around.

What Couples Are Saying...

Don't Lose Another Day


Ross Thompson, Relationship Counsellor

Let’s get started right now making your relationship happy, loving and whole again.

Best wishes,
Ross Thompson

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  1. Joshua Amos
    Joshua Amos says:

    I can’t recommend Ross enough. Right from our initial call, Ross took the time to listen to me, and give great feedback and advice to me moving forward. Ross actually really cares about helping you. His sessions are also a great platform for your own personal development so that you can change the way you think, feel and view life.

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